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I think I wanted to be a voice over artist long before I ever became one! I was the kid in the bath who read the back of the shampoo bottle .. and not just in English but in Spang-lish, German-lish, French-lish, Swedish-lish, you get my drift!

I come from a broadcast journalism background. I’ve worked in radio as a producer, reporter and newsreader at the BBC and in commercial radio (Clyde, Forth, Northsound, Tay). 

Moving into voice over work I did a course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Run by the fabulous Donald Pirie, a voice you can never be too far away from on a TV or radio near you. I've also done various courses and seminars with the Voice Over Network and Gravy For The Brain

Have a listen to my Voice Reels and find a voice that fits your requirements and get in touch!




Here's how I sound ...

Commercial Voice Reel

Narration Voice  Reel



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